We’ve officially gone
to the dogs.

Yappy Hour is when the Wonder Bar plays host to our furry friends. With plenty of fenced-­in outdoor space, dogs can meet new friends, get some exercise, or just chill by the water bowl, while their humans do some socializing of their own.

Yappy Hour

Click here to check the Wonder Bar Yappy Hour Facebook page to see any schedule changes due to weather conditions.

UPDATED 5/20/2024:

Yappy Hour 2024 will have a grand opening Saturday June 8 from 2pm to 6pm…All size dogs welcome..Please bring current certification of up to date rabies vaccination with you which shows the month and date..You can take a picture of the vaccination papers and download to your phone.
NEW HOURS:  Saturdays and Sundays 2pm to 6pm
WEEK DAYS..3pm to 7pm (Closed Tuesdays)
Mondays and Wednesdays are for small dogs only..25 lbs and less
$10 admission fee per person …21 and over only
There are Season Passes available for $125 which are good for 2 people and 2 dogs ..Season is from June 8 thru September 30..All rules must be followed
Follow our Wonder Bar Yappy Hour Facebook page for updates.


All dogs must be spayed or neutered and have proof of current rabies vaccination. No choke, prong spike or shock collars are permitted. Dogs must have a cloth or nylon collar on at all times. Only persons 21 and over allowed on dog deck. No one who is intoxicated will be admitted. No toys, treats or food allowed on deck. The $10 per person admission charge is donated to animal rescue groups and shelters. Smoking of cigarettes or pot, or vaping is strictly prohibited. Dogs are not allowed to run in packs or mount other dogs. All owners must be aware of their dogs at all times and clean up after them. Dogs must be well behaved. Dog security is on site at all times. If they make a decision you must leave because of a behavior issue, you must do so immediately. Last call is 5:15 pm. Gates will be locked at 6 pm.


Dogs must be neutered and have current rabies tag or dog license. Choke, prong and spike collars are not permitted. Please do not bring toys or dog food. Owners are expected to pick up after their dogs. We ask that you be diligent about watching your dog to make sure they are not humping, acting aggressively or getting overheated or agitated. We are extremely aware of the safety and comfort of both our canine and human guests. There is dog security at all times during Yappy Hour. Please respect them, listen to them, and if you are asked to put your dog in ‘time out’ or to leave with your dog, please realize this is for the safety of your dog and all the other dogs and guests.